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This Spring & Summer has been super busy!

Our crew only started out with 3 of us, now we've grown to include between 3 & 4 other Tradesmen! Early on this Spring we contracted to do a exterior painting job for a house being rehabbed in old town Pocatello, part of the contract was to remove some rear windows and frame it in to match the house--the guys did an awesome job! As we was finishing up with that house we was contracted to remove old style Sun room sliding doors and windows, frame it in and install modern double paned windows and Hardie siding, part of the job was to remove the old soffit and replace matching the colors of the existing house, again Alonso, Bob and all the guys came through above expectations! As Summer has approached we've since painted several decks, rebuilt another deck, staining a log face to a beautiful home, remodeling a bathroom, and currently under contract to repair 2 collapsed decks for insurance claims! Oh, and in-between all this the guys have been finishing a commercial building rehab for our company as well. Wow! We will be busy well into July. Keep it up guys--and as soon as I get pictures I'll post them.

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